Concerned with “how do you prepare for a spray tan??

Check out’s Most Important “how to prepare for a spray tan” and learn how do you prepare for a spray tan today!

What is the most important task the day of your spray tan or airbrush tan?  Your preparation!   If you are concerned about how do you prepare for a spray tan? Just relax!  Follow these simple steps or provide them to your customers, or if you are an at home sprayer, utilized for the best possible spray tanning results and learn how to prepare for a spray tan properly.  Our spray tanning tips have been compiled over 2 decades of airbrush tanning business!  If you have a spray tan tip that you think needs to make this list, PLEASE email us and we would be happy to review it!  After reading this you should not be at all concerned with how do you prepare for a spray tan?

Achieving a beautiful spray tan without mistakes is easy when your skin is properly prepared for the treatment. Spray tanning tips / pre spray tan preparations can be done in advance and will smooth out the skin to give the best base for your spray tanning product.  How to prepare for a spray tan:

1. Buff away dry skin before treatment with a gentle natural exfoliator. This will make your tan last much longer by revealing new skin.

2. Wax at least 24 hours before treatment, ideally 48 hours before to allow the pores to close.

3. Shave at least 24 hours before treatment and apply a moisturizer to replenish dry skin.

4. Moisturize your skin generously the day before, ideally overnight. This will prevent dryness and provide the perfect tanning base.

5. Rinse off any products, perfume, oils, moisturisers and make up before attending your spray tanning appointment.

6. Dark, loose cotton and jersey fabrics and dark underwear without tight waistbands are ideal to wear before and after your spray tan. Some of the guide colour can be easily removed by tight fitting clothing so it is best to keep clothing loose.

7. If you are new to spray tanning, a patch test before your treatment is always recommended to ensure the tanning formula is suitable for your skin.

8. Take some hair ties along with you if you have long hair to keep the back of your neck and shoulders free.

9. If you have to run any errands after your spray tan, you can take deodorant to apply afterwards once your tan has set.

10. Applying nail polish to fingers and toes will help to protect the nails from any discoloration from the airbrush tanning products.

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how do you prepare for a spray tan? how do you prepare for a spray tan